Searching for Balance

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens – Ecclesiastes 3:1


It may be beautiful but its time for spring!

It is disappointing when I reflect on the fact that my last post was in 2014. It has been a struggle to find the time to write and run as much as I’d like given how busy the first 2 months were. The priority I place on my family and faith has not changed but the demands of my professional life have thrown off a healthy balance I try to maintain overall.

Physical Stress

I had planned to start the year of logging lots of miles, fitting in some cross-training,

eating healthy, and getting ready for an insane 100+ Mile race in May called the Cruel Jewel.
I like to train hard and push my body to create the types of challenges and stress I will face on the course without crossing that fine line that results in injury.

This type of stress, unlike the kind we create by worrying about things outside of our control, can be beneficial but is not easy. To make matter worse, this winter has made it all the more difficult. It has involved hill repeats where my lungs burn, screaming quads from running in deep snow, and being bored beyond belief doing mile repeats on a treadmill.  I know that all these things help prepare me physically and mentally for May but
find the work required to get stronger and faster without getting hurt can be tricky

Beyond Physical Training

Fix our eyes on Him

Fix our eyes on Him

Unfortunately the stress we most often encounter at work and personally is neither healthy nor sought. Sometimes we are to blame when we take on too much, wait too long, or confuse priorities. This has been my issue lately, but this can also happen when life’s unexpected events and demands require more of us than we know what to do.

Regardless of the source of stress or what is to blame, we must ultimately recognize what is taking place and take responsibility to refocus. It is during these times that I default to my 5 F’s- Faith, Family, Friends, Finance and Fitness. With my first F being my faith, I know that I am in good hands.  It isn’t easy, but I must work on those things which are in my control and let go of those that are not. It requires me to turn those things over and trust in the Lord.

March is here

As I post this entry, I feel as I do at the end of a run, that I have accomplished something. Writing and posting this has been on my mind but I have had to focus on the things which were more critical in the overall picture. I also feel like my training is beginning to go better and pray that warmer weather is almost here to help me enjoy my runs more.  While I still have many things to work on, I will begin and end each day asking for the Lord to help me, and I must have faith that He will.

Peace and Blessings,


About rxnickrun

I am a Christian, Father of 4 wonderful children, Husband and Passionate Runner. I hope to help others experience that running can be a powerful approach to strengthen their Faith and improve their fitness.
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