Always Be Prepared…To Be Humbled

Then David said to his son Solomon, “Be strong and courageous, and act; do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you nor forsake you until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished” –1 Chronicles 28:20

The concept of “Always Be Prepared” is one that I have carried with me from the limited time I spent as a Boy Scout. In my adult life I have interpreted this to mean that if I am well prepared through dedication, hard work and strategic planning, that I will be successful. The reality is that this is not always the case and while preparing is critical, so is expecting the unexpected.

Professional Challenges

I was speaking with a friend who was recently asked by his senior leadership to explain why he was missing his forecast through the first half of this year. Based on my relationship with him and his approach to many aspects of life, I expected him to build a thorough presentation that could address any challenge they would use to tear him down. As I thought about him preparing for battle, I sent him a text the morning of his presentation with the highlighted section of the verse above to provide him spiritual support. However he had sent me an e-mail that crossed with mine in cyber-space about his preparation that truly impressed me. He shared that after praying and listening to an inspiration podcast that morning, he would begin his presentation by thanking them for meeting with him and reposition his approach and mindset to believe he would be helped rather than attacked. I was in awe of his approach and was not surprised that things went well for him.

Physical Challenges

I realize his outcome might not have been the same for all of us but it reminded me of those who prepared for the Boston Marathon this past April.  Many of my friends had trained hard all winter and had various goals set for this historic race. Despite the warnings from race officials and the media that temperatures would be above 80¢F, many stuck to their plans and went out too hard in unfavorable conditions.  Some may have thought that they were in control while others may have just hoped for the best. Unfortunately most of them missed both their goals and the finish line. They didn’t make adjustments and most ended up as a DNF (Did Not Finish) or visiting an EMT (Emergency Medical Tent).

However one friend had trained hard with the goal to set a personal best that would have definitely been under 3 hours. She was wise and unlike many others who crashed and burned, she adjusted her plans. The modifications she made paid off as she missed the goals she had initially set but had an amazing race, finishing in the top 50 females at Boston!

We must all work hard to prepare for whatever we are looking to achieve. However we must always have contingency plans, must be flexible, and be prepared to face the unexpected. In racing preparation is part mental and part physical and includes: running in the rain or heat when others may head to the treadmill, taking time to listen to those with experience, and praying for guidance and understanding. We must accept that we do not know what lies ahead and we ultimately must be prepared to surrender to His will and not ours.

God Bless,


About rxnickrun

I am a Christian, Father of 4 wonderful children, Husband and Passionate Runner. I hope to help others experience that running can be a powerful approach to strengthen their Faith and improve their fitness.
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8 Responses to Always Be Prepared…To Be Humbled

  1. Hi Nick. Great blog today. My first HM was in unfavourable conditions (extreme heat) and because I was inexperienced, didn’t have a contingency plan and wasn’t flexible, I crashed and ended up walking/jogging the last 7ks.
    I like the way you paralleled this with our life…yes, we must work hard to prepare for whatever we are looking to achieve and accept that we do not know what lies ahead. Might have to “borrow” this thought for a blog of my own in the future! With all due credit given of course.

    • rxnickrun says:

      Thank you. I have several of my own lessons I have learned like your own but thought my friends examples were more inspiring 🙂 Feel free to borrow and glad if this helps with any future post that I’ll look forward to reading!

  2. Damian Ford says:

    Good morning Nick. I really liked this post. It reminded me how we often build walls by projecting our own fears on others. In business, decisions are made and discussions revolve around what we think others are going to say or how we think others might react. I find that this steers us directly into that wall we spent so much time trying to avoid in the first place.

    I remember the first time I ran over ten miles. It still makes me tear up thinking about it. I had built such a wall for myself by constantly reinforcing the fact that I was over-weight, or that I hate running, or how funny it was that people ran at all, let alone any significant distance. When I finally surrendered to His will and let myself be free from any preconceptions, I was able to accomplish much more than I ever imagined possible.

    Thanks again for this blog. I’m enjoying it, and I promise I’ll join you some Saturday morning.

    • rxnickrun says:

      Thank you for sharing! While we all often have to learn the hard way, as long as we learn! We look forward to having you join us when your schedule permits.
      God Bless

  3. Patty :) says:

    Excellent blog!! Such a reminder to plan, to work at our goals, to be flexible, to pray and know that God always has a plan. He can be trusted. He is the one that gives wisdom. Thank you.

  4. “We must accept that we do not know what lies ahead and we ultimately must be prepared to surrender to His will and not ours.”

    God must have a sense of humor! I say that because I smiled when I read these lines. Just today, I read a scripture to someone that expresses this same thought. Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” So often we make plans and set goals only to be taken by surprise when, despite all our planning and hard work, we fail to succeed. In my life I’ve made many such plans and dreamed dreams only to be disappointed when they didn’t work out. Not realizing that I failed to do the most important thing and that was to seek God’s will *first*. He doesn’t always reveal His plans for our lives to us when we ask but if we seek His direction He will prepare us to, as you say, “surrender to His will.”

    Thank you for the words of inspiration! I can always stand to be reminded.:)


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