Lovin’ the Hills

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

As runners, many of us often dread hills! It is rare to mention the Boston Marathon without mentioning “Heartbreak Hill”. The opposite is true where Chicago is synonymous with “fast” given that it’s a flat course.

The desire to avoid an increase in elevation is unfortunate as it is exactly the type of challenge we should all embrace. Running hills and doing “hill repeats” helps our legs get stronger, encourages proper form, and ultimately helps us to run faster. For all of us running in the Doylestown area, it is unlikely you don’t encounter them and I encourage all of you to seek them out rather than hide from them…. at least a couple of times a month!

It is also normal to get anxious during those times in our lives when we are given a new responsibility, start a new job, or other challenges in our work, family, or faith. However we should consider how we deal or manage with these events since, like hills, most of the time they make us stronger or wiser even if it is difficult at the time.

I would never suggest we search these moments out in our personal lives since they will often find us first. However, if we work to strengthen our faith through regular prayer, you may be better prepared to handle these times when they rise up to meet you.

But there are times when we might want to search them out professionally. Maybe it’s to gain a new skill, discover an untapped potential we never knew existed, or prepare for the next role or career. It is by finding these professional “hills” that we may also grow in our personal lives and gain perspective on managing more than that new responsibility.

All too often we seek that flat course: It may be easy, a way to get a new PR, helps us update a resume, or is a way for us to pat ourselves on the back. However, life is rarely a level plane and it will ultimately hit the incline button too many times too quickly and force us to scale a few mountains. Although we often can’t prepare for some of these events, there is much we can do to train our bodies, hearts, minds, and soul to be stronger both physically and spiritually to conquer what we previously thought was insurmountable.

God Bless,


Doylestown Christian Runners- FAITH, FITNESS, FRIENDS, and FUN!


About rxnickrun

I am a Christian, Father of 4 wonderful children, Husband and Passionate Runner. I hope to help others experience that running can be a powerful approach to strengthen their Faith and improve their fitness.
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  1. Looks really great, nick!!!

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